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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shots from the weekend: Eagles, deer, owls and a KILLER sunset!

Took full advantage of the clouds finally breaking today to get out and check my favorite critter spots.

Even with the absence of snow this year, the deer and turkeys still are yarding in their usual spots. I think this 4 shot stitched pano shot sets a personal best for me for the most wild turkeys seen in one field.

The local eagles were out enjoying an evening of hunting in the good light. I swear I'm going to climb this tree one day and somehow cut off those little branches. I am sooooo sick of photoshopping them out of shots over the years. I have some shots from this location which are better than this one but because of the D*** branches in the way, I'm taking the easy way out.

These two eagle are usually good for a few shots if I can find them. Today they were hiding in a pine tree way off the road. These are heavily cropped from 600mm shots.

The local deer herd looks healthy with the easy access to food so far.

A wonderful sunset as viewed out from the access on the west side of Sugar Lake.

On my way home I was keeping a sharp look out for owls as the great horns are into their mating season now and I was luck enough to find a pair. The first was down so low there was no way to get any kind of shot as it was about 6pm when these were taken so about 35 minutes after sunset. Pretty dark. I wish I could have lined up the owl with the moon behind it but it was just too late and there was no way I was going to pressure the bird by getting closer to make the shot.

Not a bad evening by any measure.

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