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Saturday, August 1, 2015

MONSTER Minnesota Whitetail Buck in Velvet

What started out as a hike to kill some time on Friday evening sure ended up with a heck of of a reward!  Hard to really count as I'm not totally sure the spurs by the brow tines are 1" but this thing could have as many as 16 scoreable points.  The tip to tip credit doesn't look to be outstanding but still a heck of buck!  Sorry all the shots are a little blurry.  The light was REALLY bad (dark) and had to shoot ISO1600-3200 to get any type of decent shutter speed.

Look at all the mosquitoes on the side of his face!  Unreal.

This buck is in a semi-safe area and I doubt he would be hunted unless he moves out of the area.  I hope he is around during the rut as there will be some awesome photo ops I'm sure come November!

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