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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Before and After: A follow up to the 8.1.15 monster buck blog entry

For years I have been wanting to find a REALLY big whitetail buck in velvet then find that same buck during the rut to see what it would look like.  Well, I can check this quest off the list.

July 31st 2015.  Melinda and I decided to go a short summer hike just to see if we could spot any deer in a known hot spot. The vegetation was thick and bugs were even thicker.

Well, we found one.

Not many couples would consider "date night" wading around in near chest high burning weed just to get a shot of this.  But "why be normal?"

I knew this buck was going to be a monster come November.

...if could just hold on until then.

Fast forward to November 8 2015.  Found him!

I took a chance with a weather change coming in with an extended wet period in the forecast.  After seeing a few other bucks and with shooting light dwindling, I started to head back to my vehicle when I saw a large solitary buck moving quickly just inside the treeline of the same wood lot back in July.  I immediately recognized the shape of the rack as being the same buck.  He had some battle wounds and broken tines, but he was still as majestic as ever.

Just another shot for comparison.

A beautiful buck.  I'm sure this is his peak year as there is another buck up and coming who will try to knock him off his throne!

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