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Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 26 2016 North Central Kansas Chase

Well, that sucked. A veer, back, veer wind profile, a residual outflow boundary from the night before, CAPE  gobbling splitting supercells on the OFB which all moved north, and about 1400 miles later on a down and back longest one day chase trip of my life....not much to show for it.  I do regret not stopping in Waterville, KS to photograph the 4" hailstones driven into the ground.  That was the highlight of the trip looking back but I never took the camera out.  Bummer.

Read the full chase log with images by clicking here.

The weather pattern is going to be tough for chasing going into mid May with the only exception being a cold front around the 7th or 8th but the dynamics will not be in place for severe weather up here.  I feel bad for the tour operators as they will be working hard to keep their supercell hungry guests entertained.

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