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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

June 22 2016...what do you mean I need to finish the fence?

We had some storm damage to some trees a couple of nights ago of which one damaged a couple of our fences.

I raced to finish the fence repair as towers rapidly formed just to my west with one north of Cokato MN being of extra interest.

No sooner I got into the Nox and started heading towards it the severe warning went on it for hail.  As I came up on the southwest flank south of Waverly, MN, it became a full-fledged supercell.  Quite a few law enforcement and public funnel reports on it but I never saw anything remotely tornadic.   Kept the updraft area in view until it entered the west metro.  And I did get that fence finished.

CLICK HERE for more images from this day.

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