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Sunday, October 14, 2007

2007 Chase Highlights DVD is ready to go

Hey all, the DVD is ready to ship for trades. I'll accept trades or IOU's (from established chasers I know) up to December 15. There are 16 copies available now.

This is a fun DVD as it not only contains some cool storm footage, but also some of the behind the scenes stuff. Some of the funniest comments and arguments between Cullen and I are included. Run time is about an hour. The star of the show is the May 5th Yankton SD tornado where you get too look inside a multi-vortex "wedge". The ground was nothing but saturated mud so the tornado was having a hard time stirring up a lot of dirt to hide what was going on inside.

That being said, shoot us an email at mnwxchaser@yahoo.com if you want to trade. After December 15th we'll sell all remaining copies for $20 to cover production/handling/shipping on a first come first served basis. We do have a waiting list which requires a $20 deposit in the form of a money order which will be refunded if we run out of DVDs.

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