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Monday, October 8, 2007

Good old fashioned MN fall cold front

Well, the cold front which was hanging near the border with the Dakotas finally made it through last evening. Pretty impressive temp spreads as this thing CRAWLED across MN yesterday. T/Td on the west/north side of the front were in the mid-upper 50's with dews at or just below the surface temps. On the south and east side temps we AOA 80 with dews in the upper 60's to 70. Sticky....

I have a graphic of the surface obs in MN from about 3pm yesterday afternoon I'll post later today. Too bad this didn't have a good CAA punch with it or at least better jet support. All the weak storms were on the back side of the front meaning little or no chance of anything good. Just more rain. 2" overnight. I need to check but I'm sure that puts us nearly 7" above normal for the year now. It's almost ironic how wet it is now after a lot of the yards where I live died in July and August.


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yes welcome,to our little world alot differnt then myspace. I look forward to reading our words!

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