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Friday, October 19, 2007

The land-i-cane has passed

Well that was interesting. First off, our condolences to the victims of yesterdays tornado outbreak. The Ingham county Michigan torn hit pretty close to my uncle's house and created a few anxious minutes as we watched the couplet wobble towards his home and thankfully moved east a little faster than north.

For us it did what I expected. Clouds and a good wind on the back side. The "eye" passed right over our home where we recorded a barometric pressure of 28.92". For you people who follow the tropics, this computes into 979.3 mb. At 2:53 pm, (the time of the radar image), we stood in the driveway under partly cloudy skies and were able to watch the clouds west of us moving NW to SE and east of us from SE to NW. North was east to west and south was west to east. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Anyhow, once the low began to pull away overnight, the winds really kicked in with the top recorded gust (mind you we live on a hill) was 42.4 mph from the west. Time for some quiet weather and a chance to dry out. We passed the official "soggy" mark about 2 weeks ago.

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Tony P said...

That was quite a circulation eye around that baby. Having a fisheye lapse pointing straight up would have been a nice video.

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