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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sometimes I miss something cool

Sometimes I get lazy and really don't pay that close of attention to the video we shoot. Anything off the old mini dv we used to use as a dashcam usually gets thrown into a pile and rots. In this case I was going through some unedited footage from 8 24 06 and sure as heck I found a diamond in the rough. Somehow manged to get one clean video frame of the Nicollet county tornado when it wedged out briefly. I had seen some stuff from Peggy and Mel and just kinda blew it off as their view was partially obstructed. Anyhow, our view looking east pretty much sucked as the sun was out to the west but rain curtains with the wet RFD were wrapping in making the contrast of the torn horrible. Thank goodness for a CG which must have hit pretty much due east of the torn lighting up the whole thing. Cool. Made my day. The vehicle in front of me is Josh Jans. His site is www.mnchasers.org but I think it is under recontruction currently. OK...blogger is being stupid and won't let me post the pic. I'll have it on here later.

There, the image upload feature works again. If you click on the image for a larger version the interlacing is not as bad.

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