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Monday, November 26, 2007

The continued slow demise of Stormtrack

Wow, the declining quality of the posts on the Stormtrack board continues:

Nice attitude. I'm sure this Jordan guy will be around for years to come.

Back on the subject of getting "the shot", EagleQuest2 will commence on Saturday as Cullen, Dave, Mandy, and myself head for the Mississippi River. I think I should make a parody of the Discovery show "Storm Chasers" about getting "the shot". I dunno...

Back in 2006 the eagles were easy to find:

Have a good week everyone.


Rick said...

Love the eagle shot! Look forward to more as you are able to post them. Hopped over from Steve Miller(TX) blog. Really enjoy your insights to the saga currently playing itself out, out there. I dont have a dog in this fight and I am content to watch and slowly shake my head. Best of luck..

mnwxchaser said...

Cool! Thanks for stopping by Rick. Never know what is going to show up on here so be sure to stop by again. Maybe I'll even get another eagle pic in between running my mouth and keyboard about ST.

JakeBlaster said...

Love your Blog Bill thanks for the link, saw the referrals in my web logs!

From Red Wing you could do the MN/WI side loops to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha. (i.e. WI on Hwy 35 on the way down, MN on Hwy 61 on the way back)


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