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Thursday, November 15, 2007

New promo for Peg and Mel's show

Can't embed the player but here is the link.


eyestothesky said...

Hey you can here my voice in this prom!!!
towards the end, I say Here we go.
Now I am a little nervous, how will I look and how will I sound, you know girly worries.
It does look like its gonna be a good show.
At least I don't have to worry about what other chasers think because well I'm not a chaser ....Yet. Have A great weekend Bill and tell Collen I brag about all the time!

eyestothesky said...

promlol I ment Promo, I need a new keyboard!lol

mnwxchaser said...

Who cares what other people think? You had fun and learned a ton!

Dewdrop said...

Exactly! It was a blast... wish I had chased with y'all, too!!!

eyestothesky said...

It was A great time! your right.
What was thinking with everything I learned ot there, who cares what I look like. Thanx!
I wish u could have been there too Chickadew!!!

DM said...

Bill's right, don't be nervous, and who cares what they think! Those guys' days are outnumbered. You guys had fun, learned, and you'll get to be on national TV, which is a pretty sweet deal!

I noticed that Peggy was the one I kept trying to pass near Protection, not Eric (she kept speeding up and slowing down which annoys me). 100 bucks says they play me passing Eric on May 5th while he gets the ticket! Uh oh!

mnwxchaser said...

I'm hoping so...Eric doesn't.

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