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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another segment regarding Twister Sisters

I think this pretty well sums up what the show will be like. More drama, some chasing?

Insider teaser for the show

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Steve Miller said...

I had no idea this was going to be so much like a reality series.
I wasn't planning on it being a science program, given the WE network; guess I thought it would be another gee wiz chaser doc.

Wonder if this type of thing will hit the mainstream for next year?
The ratings will tell, I suppose!

Dewdrop said...

I am interested to see how it does. I dread the drama though... I wish that had kept more of a focus on chasing... sigh.

mnwxchaser said...

I have no idea what to expect...honestly. One thing I am concerned about is how much "reality" is "fabricated". I dunno. I'm more interested in seeing how they did the final cuts of the episodes. WARNING/DISCLAIMER - there will likely be a lot of technical/terminology flaws. Some of the phone calls I got from the writers were kinda scary...I just hope it isn't messed up too bad for the sake of the science involved!

Dewdrop said...

Oh, Bill, you know it's is going to be royally screwed up. Fabricated drama out the wazoo and way off base technical info. They have no clue. Can't wait to see the impact of the show. You ready for this ride?

Steve Miller said...

Yeah, this will be an interesting one on ST. Be ready for just about anything!

mnwxchaser said...

I don't think it will amount to much on ST. I think it has more to do with who was (or was not involved). For the most part very few of the people involved are very well known (if at all). Hopefully the rekindled CFDG drama will steal most of the SDS anger from the masses. One thing I will throw out there is I was not shocked at all by a few of the comments on the ST board. I was a little surprised who one of the naysayer posters was. Short memory I guess...

Steve Miller said...

Yeah, CFDG really needs a PR person to guide them or something. That letter is a ticking time bomb no one is willing to touch right now but I think it will happen. They really should have left things alone as the attention turned to another group and the CFDG was pretty much out of the picture again anyhow. I think they want the attention.
There are too many issues with the “statement” released by the group. How can they say they are protecting their member list due to first amendment rights when ST does not protect its list for first amendment rights? Why do they have special rights ST members don’t? Tim? Hello?
How can they say they will accept new chasers unto their realm via sponsorship, nomination and a committee review and then wonder why they are called "elite"?

After reading the last couple of paragraphs of their release, I would venture to guess that those who are still a member of ST in a year from now (after two of their recruitment cycles), are truly the losers of chasing. Ha.

ST is going by the wayside. Unless something miraculous happens soon, there will be no content worth reading because of the user mix. There will be no way after the CFDG recruits their chosen few that those recruited will share forecasts, comments, reports, etc. on ST. They will be stroking the collective egos (I thought about using another word in place of “ego”) of the members they so want to impress.
I guess we won’t have to worry about them bothering us in ST via dictation since there will be nothing left to dictate…

I really don’t have an opinion about this  ha!

mnwxchaser said...

I think it will continue to make the coals smolder. The first amendment rights claim about as big of a load of horsepuckey as I seen when it comes down to playing CYA. I wonder why they (CFDG) even bothered with this? Prentice's letter outlines the "nomination" process. It just fuels the fire between the chasers who are still stuck in the rut of needing to be accepted and praised by their peers. If this doesn't really get them crying about the division between the Average Joe's and the Elitists, what will?

My position is still screw all of them...both sides. This latest bout of "As Stormtrack Turns" will limp along with both sides occasionally lofting a flaming arrow at the other with no definitive outcome.

Look up and the sky is still there regardless.

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