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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Verne / Michael / Eric Carlson's Video Review

DO NOT GET THIS VIDEO!!! I wasted an entire evening watching this video when I could have been doing something else. It's nothing but tornado after tornado and awesome structure shot in high def. It just totally killed my focus on other things for the entire evening. The more of it I watched, the more irritated I was getting as it is only December. Great, what am I supposed to do until April now that my SDS was pushed to the edge? Just when I thought I could stomach the Carlson's video, I found myself watching the Booker, TX torn from March 28th over and over trying to guesstimate the incredible forward speed. Bottom line is if you are subject to SDS attacks, don't get this video. I guaranty you it won't help you wait for that first big chase day next season which it still MONTHS away.

You can see more of the Carlson family's work here.

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Rick said...

So much for the scheduled SDS treatment...Gotta get this one..LOLOL!!!

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