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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A day on the hill

Original plan was to head over to Powder Ridge but as usual something came up so we went to a local hill instead. Picked up a little more light snow today and looks like the trend will continue. We keep catching just the edge of the storms as they pass to our south and east. Pretty sure I can count all the sunny days in December on one hand.

Took Bridget with us and she once again showed us up with her ability on the snowboard. Only one minor snow fight scuffle between her and Cullen for a change. The 55-200 lens did a little better today but I still am eyeing that Sigma every time I open the BH Photo catalog on the dining room table.

There...a shot of the photographer. Look in Cullen's lens.

Topped off the day by grilling my famous Italian chicken mignon. Hey...it's Minnesota and about 20 degrees. Perfect gilling weather for the end of December!

On a totally unrelated note, I would like to point out and remind people the most real part of a reality show is the 4 four letters of the word reality. So if you DEW DROP any criticisms on the chasers on the show, take the drama you see with a grain of salt. It is likely only a half truth (so get off Beau's back).

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eyestothesky said...

You know just once i would love to see it snow and play in it!
well mabye twice.

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