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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Morning drive and a pheasant stampede

Can tell we are heading for the dead of winter up here. The deer and pheasants are really starting to congregate near the food sources. Left well before sunrise and headed west in hopes of finding a large woodland coyote wandering around looking for a meal but no luck. I was surprised at the number of pheasants though. Saw well over 50. That lens and I are still not getting along very well in low light. After the holidays I think I'l throw in on Ebay just to unload it.

The only reason way I am posting this last shot is to show how poorly the lens does in low light conditions.

Have a good Sunday everyone. Peace.


John W. said...

Which lens did you get Bill? Looking at page 180... The 18-200, or the 55-200? If it's the 55-200, is it the new one with VR? It's probably the aperture of 4 that's killing you. The VR makes a HUGE difference in my experience. If you have the Non-VR I'd definately demo the VR. Otherwise, you'll need to spend the $$ and jump up to the 70-200mm/f2.8 VR, that's an awesome lens from what I'd read.

mnwxchaser said...

It's the non VR. I'm just going to break down and get the VR II but I really would like to get a 400mm lens for doing wildlife. Sigma makes a 100-300mm with a fixed f4 I'd like to take a look at. I think the lens is about a grand. Otherwise you are right, the 70-200 VR lens has a lot going for it.

Dewdrop said...

Bill, I LOVE these shots. The first one is amazing. Great work!

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