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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Once it is cold, it is just COLD

This is the old wind chill chart I grew up with. Based on the -18.8°F air temp outside right now coupled with a northwest wind of 25 gusting to 30, that makes it feel like -79°F. Nice. That is freakin' cold kids. If you have never felt something like this, it is like an instant burning sensation on your skin...but it is actually the water in your skin freezing to ice.

On a brighter and warmer note, under the new wind chill scale, it is a balmy -53°F....but your skin will still start turning to ice.

Yes, this is what it will do to your face, feet, and hands:

Stay warm people!!! School is already 2 hours late tomorrow and I doubt they will close as we are true Minnesotans and tougher than hell when in comes to stuff like this.


Tony said...

Ewww, I didn't need to see that picture.

Good to hear that Season 2 is happening for you guys. We gonna see some new faces this year? Maybe they will invest in some low light cameras too.

mnwxchaser said...

Not sure where the season 2 thing is coming from. Nothing official from Original Productions yet. There will be some new faces if we do but I'm more interested in seeing the revamp of Storm Chasers on Discovery. Guess they are going to show more of the real lifestyle of chasers and less of Casey's hairy ass (thank God).

Steve Miller said...

Pic makes me hungry for some lil' smokies in bbq sauce!

Seems to me there is a point when the air feels the same no matter how low the temp is. Wonder if that's a me thing or if other's agree?

Tony said...

Ah, I remember reading somewhere of you jokingly talking about getting gay highlights for season 2. Well anyway, I'm sure it will happen. The season that is.

mnwxchaser said...

Uhhhh....no gay highlights in my vehicle on S2 (if there is one). Now in the "other vehicle"...who know?

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