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Friday, January 4, 2008

The perks of living within the blast zone of a nuke plant

Ahhh, a sure sign that spring isn't that far off. The annual complimentary calendar from Xcel Energy showed up in the mail box today. I love the calendar. Pretty cool huh?

Pretty scenes to go along with the each month. Not as good as the Weatherguide Calendar but this one is free. Note the "Emergency Planning Guide AND Calendar" on the front.

Once you get through the monthly pages, the free gift is in the back.

Good, now I can run over to Target and get some fresh free KI tablets because I live 9.85 miles from ground zero just in case Chernobyl II happens here.

Two years ago when the plant was shut down due to upgrades being done on a reactor, workers knocked a steam pipe loose which would have released radioactive steam had the plant been on line. Nice. And I was worried about a terror threat...silly me.

Outside of that, not much else going on. Pic shows Cullen responding to questions and comments from people regarding the Twister Sisters TV show.

First BB practice for Cullen tomorrow morning then may head to the National Eagle Center near Wabasha, MN on the Mississippi River. A local newspaper reported one couple who drove the entire loop from Red Wing, MN down to the Iowa border and back counted 301 Bald Eagles. Idea is to try the 2x lens on the PD170 and shoot some video. We'll see how bad the fog gets in the morning and how soon it burns off over there.


Steve Miller said...

Holy crap. I thought the free calendar was a good PR campaign - then I saw the voucher. That would be enough to put a little scare into me each year.
I'd like to see the reaction from people who have relocated there for business or something and have not researched this. Bet it's interesting dinner conversation the day that calendar hits the mailbox.
There is talk of a nuclear power plant being built here in OK. That should be a heck of a fight between the powers that be and the people who voted in the powers that be. I love politics...

Bill Braski said...


To Bill Brasky!

Bill Brasky walked into the secret CFDG club in Norman, took Doswell's cowboy hat off..... lit it on fire by rubbing his balls together, then tucked it back under his armpit... and when the fire went out from under his arm, sure as shit, he made himself a fresh tattoo that read "Only sissies make up names like yahoo" ......and it was in Portuguese!

mnwxchaser said...

To Billlll Braaaaaasky! That old bastard.

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