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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 20th Lunar Eclipse

Melinda, Jessica, Matt and myself ventured out into -12°F temps to catch the lunar eclipse tonight. It was FREAKIN cold. Melinda brought some handwarmers she had left from a trade show her company did and they definitely helped.

I am getting more and more picky as to what I like in my shots. I deleted the entire 40 some pics I took but kept these two so at least we had something to show for our efforts. I didn't like any of the foreground shots as even with a longer exposure and opening up the aperture, the effect I wanted wasn't there. I tried an old windmill and a semi-lighted church steeple. Not to my standards on either one. The cold temps really raised heck with how the lenses and camera body performed as I got the weird purple noise even at ISO 400.

Oh well, the most important part of the night was achieved. We made some new memories together and that is what really matters.

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