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Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's official. No season 2 of Twister Sisters

The Twister Sisters show is DOA. Additionally, I have made the decision not to participate in any more docudramas or documentaries about storm chasers. Cullen and I had a nice offer but I just sent the email to the producer telling him we are not interested. The tv game is full of liars and my biggest pet peeve, personal agendas. Bottom line is I am not going to risk my family and friends over some publicity. I'm glad we did Twister Sisters as it was a great experience to share with the other chasers as we are all friends outside of the tornado game. Back to chasing for the fun of watching the sky.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news Bill. Twister Sisters had the potential to be a great reality TV show, but the forced drama was leaving a bad taste in my mouth as well. Sorry we missed you at the Chaser Convention. I'm hoping we cross paths with you and Cullen in the field this year so we can all catch up.

Best wishes,

mnwxchaser said...

We'll be out in May and June sporadically again. Maybe the DCZ will be the hot area in June so maybe we'll see you guys out that way.

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