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Friday, February 1, 2008

New items for the 2008 chase season

Will be adding a few new items this chase season. Time to upgrade the laptop as running Premiere Pro on the current machine to encode video is a pain in the ass. I'd really like to throw a 12-24mm lens for the DSLR in the pile too. It's a non VR lens but no biggie.

What the hell, a Sony Z1U also.

Seriously, the laptop replacement is a necessity. Will be scrapping Vista for XP Pro though.

Things I wasn't l panning on adding but with the latest rash of threats against me and my family:

Do they make one of these in ANSI level 2 safety green?

I can think of a few people who need one of these evidently. At least they have a color choice:

This is going to be a scene at McDonalds somewhere in The Alley the way things are escalating on the chaser drama front:

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