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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Twister Sisters - Season 2!!!

OK..negotiations start tomorrow with a different production company on taking the show to a MUCH bigger viewing audience. A little late of a start, but a legal snafu with WE TV has pretty much sealed off their chances of getting the show for a second season.

The other production company approached us and jumped at the opportunity so now we need to hash out the details. We have gotten over 2500 emails requesting information about booking tours and landed a .3 rating for season one (the second highest rating for WE TV ever), so basically this translates into we have a large fan base (all you guys included and I thank you again) and this new production company realizes it.

Can't say which production company it is but they have done stuff you have all seen on mainsteam network TV and big name cable channels. Stay tuned....


eyestothesky said...

That's awesome Bill!
As everyone knows being on the Twisters sisters show changed a large part of my life. Meeting Peggy and Melanie and you and Cullen Brad and Marylynne showed me that I am not alone. I never knew the world of chasers even existed.
The best part of the show was watching people connect to mother nature. I hope all goes well with season 2 and people like me can realize there dream also. Have a great week Bill, and I'm not gonna brag about my weather anymore because I know in a couple months you will be rubbing my nose in yours..lol.

DM said...

Congrats dude!!! Now, tell the new producers to stop using different footage of different tornadoes!!

Good luck, man. Tell Cullen, he's ungrounded for that video he made about me a couple of months ago! haha.


Verne Carlson said...

Hey Bill,
Glad to hear there'll be a second season! Are you and Cullen going to be at the NSCC in Denver? If so we'll have to grab a beer!

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