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Friday, March 21, 2008

Blah...more snow. It never freakin' ends. KILL THE WABBIT!

Snowing the better part of the day. Not amounting to much but at this point it is the principle of the matter. This is the 111th day of snow cover here this season. When you start thinking of in terms of being a third of a year, it really is depressing. The more I sit and think about it, the more likely I am to go against my self-imposed oath not to chase some junk early system but I may as well do it. Last year we were up and rolling by the end of March but I have that feeling it will be Mother's Day weekend before we see any action up here in Tundra-ville. Hoping the crap gets out of here so I can head up to the river and get some pics of migrating waterfowl but it ain't lookin' so good right now.

Here is Cailyn out playing in the slush this afternoon.

Being it is Easter weekend, a little Ozzy Fudd for you guys:

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