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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! I hate my computer! How much longer?

So, this is the day Jesus came back from the grave...and I'm pretty sure my P4HT 3Ghz with the dual 500 gig hard drives has puked. It had been running hot this week so I took the time last night to pull the heat sink and fan to de-dust the whole thing again and sure enough, it had a pretty good buildup. No biggie as I have done this same procedure every three months since I bought the machine 4 years ago. I throughly cleaned the heat sink and fan, re installed everything back on the motherboard and sure as heck, the freakin' thing won't work. It goes to boot up and as soon as it hits the IDE scan, it powers itself off, tries it 3 or 4 more times then finally just totally shuts down. Time for a visit to the PC doctor. If anyone has any ideas as to what is causing this, drop me a message...please.

Easter was good. Had the family here but thanks to a very snowy week, no chance the egg hunt was going to be outside this year. The Easter Bunny made the rounds last night and the kids were tearing the house apart this morning looking for jelly bean filled eggs. After a good dinner, we took grandma up to see the few remaining swans in Monticello before coming home to fix the dryer and the garage door opener. Not my weekend for mechanical things for sure!

On an unrelated note, the storm itch is getting pretty bad. I was trying to imagine this image was a shelf cloud on a nice May afternoon up here...until the snow int the foreground killed the thought. It's actually steam from the Monticello nuke plant this afternoon.

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Steve Miller said...

Just wait three days and maybe your computer will come back to life!
Okay, I'm getting struck by lightning any second now...

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