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Friday, March 14, 2008

More swans. Well, maybe some swans

The swans are on the move as the Mississippi River starts to open up to the north. There are a few left at Mississippi Point Park but only a small fraction of what there was a week ago. We did see a few out feeding in old soy bean fields but I know most are starting to follow the ice line to the north. Saw a couple of bald eagles tonight also but they were very high and also moving up river.

This crazy mallard just about hit us in the heads!

I could sit and watch these all day.

The geese are also becoming more active with the longer days.


DM said...

Damn Bill! Amazing shots! Telephoto opens up a whole nother world! Please kick me in the nuts for chasing upper 30 dewpoints today.

okeeffe1232000 said...

Awesome pictures Bill! I wish I could take good pics. I am more of a video guy.

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