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Sunday, April 6, 2008

A ducky day

Melinda and I took a quick tour along the Crow River to check out a couple of eagle nesting spots but it looks like both are unoccupied this year...bummer.

Did see quite a few bluebills, ring necks, buffleheads, 3 black winged pelicans and even a loon though. Icky day with moisture streaming north into the cold air to the north dumping heavy snow again. At least we escaped it at our place but mom said she was getting dumped on at 1"-2" per hour at her place to the north. We got stuck with light rain and drizzle for the most part. April showers bring May flowers? We shall see.

A pair of buffleheads on the Crow River.

More buffleheads

Bluebills sneaking along the edge of the cattails.

A pair of black winged pelicans a long ways away.

Hooray...the first loon of the season. Warmer days are ahead!

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