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Friday, April 4, 2008

HAIRBALL tonight! Rained out day!

Melinda and I are going to go meet Tivi and a couple of her friends tonight at the Hairball show at Pov's...ahhh, I finally get my much needed fix of 80's hard rock covers!

Cailyn and I started out on a 6 mile ride by Lake Rebecca but thanks to a pretty good convective shower, it got cut in half. Cell phone pic...sorry.

Once the wind shift line pushed through, here is a shot from east of our house as it headed off to the southeast towards the Minneapolis metro area. Hey, at least it anviled.

Still not a bad time as any daddy-daughter day is good day.

Once we did get home, took a few minutes to launch the spinning kite before the winds got too strong.
Off to find the ripped jean and vintage t-shirt for the show tonight...peace.

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