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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hawks and a reason why I go to work depressed

So, it is April 3rd and this is the view from my parking spot at work. Yes, that is snow. But it is April after all and this will be gone within a few days...right? WRONG! I park on the second floor of our ramp at my job and this is the view from THE SECOND STORY!! Screw winter. I've had enough...and then some.

Oh yeah, here is a view from near downtown of the town I live in from Monday night. Yep, most of it is gone already but thanks to this latest dumping, I think we are at 44" of snow for the year. Nice. And you wonder why people go postal during the last few days of winter up here?

On a brighter side, partly cloudy skies and light winds let the migrating hawks ride some thermals near the Crow River on the way home today. There were four of these guys doing their thing but I could only get two in a frame at the time. These were taken with the crappy f5.6 55-200 Nikon lens off the D50.

At least it was a better day looking up at this than down at the remaining piles of snow. Looks like we will have another chance of a rain/snow mix on Saturday night into Sunday. I can hardly wait.

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