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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Morning trip to the SNWA and another reason to love Cabela's

The short version. Paid $4.79 for a new 18x36 50mm spotting scope at Cabela's using my points and paid no sales tax due to their weekend "we're gonna get your Uncle Dubya check" sale. Went up to the Sherburne and saw quite a few eagles and other cool birds.

The long version: Who cares? Time is better spent doing than telling...

Sandhill crane

Egret hunting frogs

First goslings of the year

Melinda checking out one of the observation areas.

This is the same eagle as in the earlier blog with him flying over the road. Keeping watch as his mate and young are in a nest off to the right of the pic.

Same male eagle as above but a little later after he moved over to the nest.

A pair of trumpeter swans announce their arrival.
This is actually another nest off CR12 in Wright County near my home.

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