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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hook, line, and sucker...almost

Welllllll, the big blow never came to be last night. Decided to stay home but did wander outside of town to take a few night shots. Had the usual close call with the random lightning strike but did see some cool rain bands lit up by the city lights.

I'll quit kicking myself for missing the Logan and McIntosh counties of ND storm sometime by Thursday.

I've been way too wishy washy this year on decision making and it is really starting to irritate me. Yeah, I need to be more careful with bust days with the price of fuel but at the same time, today's set up in southern ND was a no brainer once the boundary was really evident.

On a funny SKYWARN side note, I heard the net control operator for a county question MPX about a "hook echo" in a line of crap storms with totally unidirectional wind fields. Um, yeah. Another case of access to too much data. Let the mets make those calls. I'm pretty sure they would spot an area of developing rotation long before a ham with the GR software would. The image above is "hook echo" and not what came through near Elk River at 3:30am.

Time to turn the sights to Thursday for the next shot at frustration.


eyestothesky said...

Beautiful skies!!!!

nick said...

Hmmm. This is very interesting?


Mabey it was a in my convective dreams but i swear I heard a tornadic storm feature being reported over the Becker/Elk River area with each passing shower,thunderstorm,contrail and smoke plume?

But mabey it was just me?


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