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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 7th Minnesota storms

Glad I sat on the fence with this one until the last minute and decided to stay seated. After seeing IA blow up into a MCS/MCV mess and the linear MCS to the north, the instability really struggled all day where central Minnesota was sandwiched in the middle.

Mom headed out near Fergus Falls as a few isolated cells tried to fire on the pre frontal trough. This one looked way better on radar than it did in person. Note the small inflow stinger to the right of the updraft area.

A pretty decent cell finally got going in Stearns county near Sauk Center which was almost enough to get me going but the limited instability told me this wouldn't likely be worth the drive and time off. The gamble not to go paid off as the cell lined out as a severe wind producer which skirted the north metro eventually.

A second decent cell fired west of the metro along the highway 7/12 corridors. This cell wasn't much to look at from my side but Tadd Parris and one of his friends caught this interesting feature on the other side:

I still wasn't in the mood to go after these cells as my interest lies more in Friday's set up but it was a beautiful sight as the cell moved off to the east:

Melinda, Cullen, Cailyn, and myself did wander a little east of town to watch the back side of another cell cross over the metro area after dark.

On a related note, check out this VERY cool video done by Tony Perkins from last night. You will need the Xvid codec to play it though.

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Very nice photos, Bill!


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