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Thursday, July 17, 2008

No bust for me

Wow, yesterday was the type of set up which has me complaining the day after about being tired, sun burnt, and hating on Iowa. Well, this time the set up was in western to central MN. "Negotiated" with the boss an early departure from the cubicell if needed. Obs and conditions were so greatly impacted by the morning convection, the area of interest only moderately recovered. Between MASSIVE subsidence and absolutely no good source of lift or surface convergence, nothing happened.

So the day consisted of spending $7 at Jimmy John's for lunch, saving $50 on gas, and seeing the the sunburned KSTP chasers on way home.

Matt, Jess, and I did go out about 10pm to look at the cells to the east over in WI but the lights of the metro ruined any chance of shooting distant lightning.

Today looks like crap. Going to pick up my tux for Dave's wedding this weekend and that is about it. If something pretty does pop up close to home, I'll likely head out just to observe.

Peace out and rock on....

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