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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting tasered!

Wow...Melinda and I decided to take Cullen to a Hairball show on Friday night at Stiftungsfest in Norwood, MN. Cullen has always enjoyed 80's hard rock so we thought this would be a fun experience for him to see and hear. We warned him in advance he would likely see adults behaving badly (it's a German festival which is known to have massive quantities of beer consumed). So a little after the first set break, some moron jumps up on stage and starts doing this power strut stomp thing across the stage. Kris Vox got out of the way then Dan, the bass player basically bumps the guy off the stage. A few minutes later, a Carver county deputy corrals the guy after he evidently tried to start a fight. The deputy made it clear the guy had to leave but Mr. Shit for Brains decides he wants to go back to the band and tries to get around the deputy. We could clearly see the deputy warn the guy at least three times to leave. The guy continues to get in the deputy's face (male deputy BTW) so the deputy decides to back up as the guy walks at him. About this time you could see the red dot in the middle of the guy's chest. About this time I told Cullen the guy was going to get tasered. No other deputies had come to help out yet and sure enough, the moron decided to try to force his way around the deputy. ZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTT!!!! Yep, down on the ground and the cuffs are on. About this time Cullen went over to watch from close range as evidently 30 feet wasn't close enough. 5 other deputies were there now and this guy is back to trying to fight by kicking at the deputies and did manage to get one in the shin. Next the deputies jump this idiot and hog tie him by cuffing his ankles to his wrists behind his back and toss him into the squad. Arrested on Friday, court on Monday. Don't drop the soap big homie.

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating Melinda's birthday. I nice evening walk in the Clemens Rose Garden Park in St Cloud topped off with a good dinner at Timberlodge wrapped up our Saturday. She will be busy loading up a new digital photo frame and 1 gig memory card for her desk at work. No shortage of photos in this house for sure. Here are a few pics:

On Sunday we went for a drive out to Pigeon Lake in Meeker county to see if there were any herons and egrets in close range of the camera. It was sad to see how the cormorants are killing everything. There were a few pelicans and that was about it. Some graffiti on a rail bridge near Dassell, MN was the highlight.


DM said...

Nice pics, my friend used to have a taser...I'm sure you can just imagine the fun we had.

JakeBlaster said...

Very nice pics, no food photos? I love food shots!

I can't believe the guy resisted after getting tased and cuffed, sheesh that's what the pepper spray is for!

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