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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This has GOT to be the craziest tornado video I have ever seen

Thanks to Jeff Miller for finding this gem of one of the tornadoes to strike Poland earlier this month:

No Polish jokes please....

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JakeBlaster said...

I actually did'nt see this post before I left two polish storm chaser jokes elsewhere. It was just too much first their was the bus and the car parked on a highway who somehow managed to stop directly in the damage path of the tornado, then this guy/girl video taping directly in the path of the thing with tons of debris flying every which way. Seeing those two video's back to back of the same very rare event (a tornado in Poland) what are the odds, I could not resist.

On a serious note 3 people did lose their lives (none of the fatalities I am told were related to the bus or this video), nothing funny about that but, after seeing the two video's back to back of the same event... I am surprised the count was not higher.

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