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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Noisy eaglet...you thought your kids were bad?

Took a little time on Friday to check on one of the three bald eagle families I have been documenting since late March. Pretty funny as the male finally has enough and moves up the tree. The video wasn't supposed to be much but I attached the Azden SGM 2X mic to the PD170 which really picked up the sound with the eagles well over 100 yards away. Also hit the National Camera annual tent sale yesterday and picked a Velbon video tripod and fluid head for Cullen to use. I prefer Bogen-Manfrotto but the price was too good to pass up and being we never swap Cullen's camera out onto the Bogen stuff most of the time anyhow, it will work out fine as the QR plate can just stay on his.

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