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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A missed opportunity & a Friday backyard chase?

Great opportunity for an awesome shot of a broad winged hawk this afternoon. Yeah, too bad I forgot I had cranked up the ISO on the cam to 1600 the other night then left it there. I do this over and over....you think I would learn. Click on the image to see what I mean.
Using Photoshop in a weak attempt to make lemonade out of a lemon.

One week from heading up north for the big show. The GFS is pissing me off as it really wants to develop a strong system to the west keeping the winds out of the south meaning Melinda and I won't see much (compared to a west or northwest wind). It will make for warmer October camping but the birds won't get funneled in a long the lake.

Tomorrow may hold some promise for another late season t-storm day. Best dynamics are waaay north in the trees but if a cell can pop in the St Cloud / Little Falls area, the 850mb/700mb crossover doesn't look too bad for some lower level shear. I suspect the good old SPC will expand the slight down into the IA/MN border region on the new SWODY1.

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