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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rocket Launch and the latest SS crapfest

Stop asking what I think about the latest drama fest with Severe Studios. I made my opinion as clear as clear can be back in June. The latest witch hunt regarding them is irrelevant and I really couldn't care less what they did. I am a 100% independent stringer and it doesn't matter it is weather or news related. I have all of my own contacts and have no need for a middleman to market my video. Period. The latest douche bag(s) who started the weatherdorks blog (found from an anonymous post on Steve Miller - OK's blog)really needs to get a life. This subject(s) was already beat to death with the Braski blog months ago. Next please.

Here are some shots Cailyn took the other night when we were shooting off one of our rockets up at the high school. I don't think the football coaching staff was very happy as the players got distracted every time we did a flight. Oh well. This is America...home of the free yet. Remember?

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Steve Miller said...

Lucky me. Why is it always MY blog people post that crap on? Must be the Moore Liquor signs...

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