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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 1st North Dakota chase

Full chase account from September 1st HERE

What made this chase fun was watching the cells ahead of the cold front evolve. A good lesson in looking out the window instead of looking the the laptop. A 20 T/Td spread is as bad at 92/72 as 80/60 when it comes to LCL issues. Even the NSE couldn't help bring the bases down but at least one cell which fired just in front of the CF was able to take advantage of a lower air temp with the low level moisture to become surface based in the warm sector before eventually getting caught by the boundary and getting undercut. It was really cool to see the shelf coming from the west knowing the air was at least 20-30 degrees colder behind it. A real cat and mouse game of the air masses. Too bad the upper wind support was running behind the cold front again. The drive from Fargo to Barnesville was as white knuckle as I have done in a couple of years with extremely heavy rain and blinding CG's in close proximity.

There are a couple of 3 photo merged panoramics at the end of the page (from a previous photo topic on here) using Photomerge on Photoshop CS3 Extended.

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