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Friday, September 5, 2008

September 4th riot at the RNC in St Paul Minnesota

This was without a doubt the most mental event I have ever covered as a stringer. Tornadoes are way more predictable than a couple of thousand protesters at the Republican National Convention in St Paul, MN.

First off...I have been advised by one of my clients not to post my video shot from University Ave due to a legal issue. If you checked KMSP's site before noon today, you likely saw it. These vid caps are all from south of University in the Sears parking lot right after as most of the protesters/anarchists tried to make a run for the Marion St bridge. Video of everything except the University Ave incident will be up by Sunday night.

Keep in mind all of these vid caps are from footage shot with a specialty wide angle lens. Everything was a lot closer than it appears.

This squad of riot police somehow got cut off from the rest of the force and decided they needed to fight their way back into position. Pepper spray being shot into the air.

Concussion grenades going off on the west side of the Sears parking lot.

Not sure what this stuff was but it made my skin burn and made anything I ate or drank taste like tin foil for 18 hours.

The orange circle denotes a tear gas canister which was thrown at us. A second on the left has already deployed.

This poor lady was coming out of Sears and got caught in the middle. The police detondated two concussion grenades pretty much right at her feet knocking her down then shooting pepper spray at the protesters who tried to help her. They did get her to some medics.

Looking at the Marion St bridge..more concussion grenades.

Police move in at the Marion St bridge to start the mass arrest of about 200 protesters. We had to be very careful not to get on the wrong side of the perimeter they were establishing. This is how and where the 12 credentialed media were arrested.

Mass arrest underway at the Marion St bridge. Dave and I backed off at this point as the police were not in a very media friendly mood.

More to come over the weekend.

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Weather Lover said...

Wow. But then again it's the RNC someone has to protest and start a riot, because of course its the republicans.

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