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Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Rants #1

So instead of just spewing typed garbage, (which I'm evidently good at), I'll trying grouping my periodic rants about things I see in our society under an easy to find heading from now on. Welcome to Random Rants Episode 1.

Funny how history repeats itself. For a change I'm not talking about the shows "Storm Chasers" or "Tornado Road". Last spring on a warm Saturday morning I strung video for our local Fox affiliate of what turned out to be a fatal motorcycle accident. Now about 5 months later and as winter rapidly approaches, it was no big surprise 70 degree temps and the leaf color peaking would bring out a slew of 2 wheeled warriors. I made the comment to Melinda on Friday there would be at least 6 motorcycle fatals in the metro area. I was close as there were 4. One was only about 6 miles from the spring fatal. Anyhow, as I'm watching the news last night, the ABC affiliate is doing a story on the fatals and interviewing other cyclists on their thoughts. Guess what? The majority expressed their concern over the old "cars are not seeing the cyclists" cop-out. Funny as it was pretty obvious the fatals this weekend were the results of idiots on two wheels...speed, poor judgement, inexperience. So, to all of you holier than thou motorcyclists out there, I'll make you a promise. I'll do my best to avoid hitting you after you are already sliding down my side of the road. Sounds fair to me.


eyestothesky said...

Bill you crack me up! But I do agree
You don't how many time I see fools swerving in an out of lanes.

Shane Adams said...

I couldn't agree more. Superbike/rice rocket idiots are just standing in line for the Reaper. I could almost respect them if they would take responsibility for their own actions, but of course they blame us evil bastards who drive 4-wheelers.

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