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Monday, November 17, 2008

2008 Chase Video Update..and Dustin Wilcox

First off...GET DUSTIN WILCOX'S VIDEO "Stormstruck". This is a fantastic chase video shot in HD which gives you the feeling of being in the chase. It's not all pretty tripoded backlit tornadoes. It's in your face "HOLY CRAP ARE WE CLOSE" chase accounts which are sure to get the Uncle Chuck Chaser Police on his ass. I loved every minute of it. Besides dramatic video from 2008 (including a tornado in KS deposting a few gallons of water from a reservoir on the road in front of him...simply awesome), it also has some really good stuff from 2007 including a segment showing chasers blocking a road near Hill City, KS on 5 22 07. Interesting as to who it was....hmmm. Anyhow, get a hold of Dustin and purchase or trade for this vid....good stuff. VERY GOOD STUFF.

Still making good progress on getting the 2008 video ready for trade. In a year plagued by HP storms, actually did get some pretty decent stuff. The July 17th stuff turned out OK even with some weird audio interference from the air card and me not being able to push the record button on the camera properly. Thank goodness for the Nikon.

While processing the .raw files, I came across a shot taken at 3:35 pm according to the the exif data from near Evergreen, MN looking north. After talking with Greg Gust, the WCM at the FGF WFO, he stated the northern circulation was much stronger than the new southern one I was on after the weak tornado near Frazee. Anyhow, the shot shows what appears to be a stout truncated cone tornado in low contrast where the old circulation was passing near Wolf Lake, MN. I need to check with Andy Gabrielson as I think he was further north than I was. I'll post the photo on here later this evening.

Anyhow, back to the video update. I have 3 or 4 more chase days to add plus the usual photo montage from the year. Depending on how the time come out (I really don't like doing videos over an hour), I may include some eagle footage from the past year. I dunno....I'll think about it.

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