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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another year in the bag

With the new law in MN, Cullen was able to hunt this year on my license as an 11 year old. Nothing impressive but the venison is headed for the freezer after this evening and another batch of our spicy jerky will be in the dehydrator next weekend. Weather SUCKED as we had wind chills from +5F to +12F all day with the NW winds gusting up to 35 mph. Saw quite a few deer though. Pics are crops using a POS 55-200 Nikon F4-5.6 ED lens.

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Dustin Wilcox said...

Good to here you'll be able to put some food on the table! Our rifle season starts this next weekend down here, I can't wait, the bucks are in full rut down here now.

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