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Monday, November 10, 2008

Newly discovered 7-19-08 pics and Ottertail Goose-Fest

One of my co-workers who has a genuine interest in severe weather sent me a couple of photos of the July 19th 2008 Sherburne county torn cell which did produce a EF0 which was on the ground for about 4 miles and up to 100 yards wide. Yep, we were at Drufke's wedding!! Anyhow, thanks to Craig Metzger for allowing these photos to be shared for all you SDS sufferers LOL.

Since our deer season was very short, had some time to kill on Sunday morning before heading home so I took a drive out onto the prairie to watch the migrating geese feed in the freshly combined fields near the Orwell Dam.

I'm guessing there were about 10,000 as every field looked pretty much like this one.

One on the fly out the window shot as I drive past another field. I wonder how many tons of goose poop these leave behind? And you though the golf course was bad?

A downy woodpecker works on a fresh piece of suet from a deer carcass.

So not sure what is on the schedule next. Melinda and I will be heading up to my mom's for T-Day so it is likely we will be out rooting around looking for fox and coyotes. Until then, the eagles are moving towards their wintering grounds along the Mississippi River so that is an option. With temps pretty much staying near the freezing mark, most of the small water is icing over in this area with some of the medium sized lakes getting ice locked for the winter up north. The next arctic front will likely freeze everything.

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