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Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after Thanksgiving trip home

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday with friend and family.

Melinda and I took the pre-I94 route home from Fergus on Friday down highway 55 from Elbow Lake. This is always a fun way to look at some old memories ranging from chases which occurred years ago to side trips dad and I used to take just to check out the countryside.

One other thing I did accomplish while up in Fergus was to get a hold of a couple of friends from when I used to live up there. Sounds like a bobcat hunting trip in the the works sometime in December.

Depending on exactly what that little clipper system does tomorrow, I may head back down to the Minnesota River from Mankato back in the 'Cities just to see what I can find.


Midwestchaser said...

Hey Bill, nice pics! you always seem to get some of the best no matter where you go.

i dont suppose you know what happened to F5? its been down for a while now.

mnwxchaser said...

I assume Rich has started the migration over to the new software. I'll find out but if he has, it will be down through the weekend at least.

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