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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Past seasons

Dustin Wilcox's thread on ST got me thinking about past deer hunting seasons up here and out at my sister's cabin in Utah. Had to scan in a couple of photos. We have always done well and usually see anywhere from 15-70 whitetails in 3 or 4 days in Minnesota and about 10-15 mulies per day in Utah.

Me back in 1994 with what will likely be my deer of a lifetime. This one is in the Minnesota record book as a non-typical.

I think this one was from 2002. I know it was in the Boulder Mountains of southern Utah. This is still my most favorite place on earth to hunt. Getting the animal out is not fun but the scenery is fantastic.

I noticed on the ST thread there were a few non-hunters (I wouldn't go as far as calling them antis). Each to their own. Just keep this in mind:

"America's deer hunters...making the drive home after the chase safer for you."

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