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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BEWARE OF THE STRIB!!! and Wolf Lake possible tornado pics from July 11th 2008

OK, head up Minnesota based chasers. The good old Star Tribune is looking for chasers to submit images for them to use in their forthcoming revamped website next spring. I still have my working agreement with KMSP and FOX so I had to make sure they understood KMSP/FOX has a right to first refusal clause and an embargo for their DMA for exclusive usage. Here is the catch. Per the email I recieved from the point of contact over at the Strib tonight, I would retain the copyright and usage rights but in turn I would grant the Strib a perpetual license...for nothing. HELL NO!! Getting my name on the website and a © next to my name ON MY PHOTO doesn't mean shit and sure as hell doesn't put gas in the tank or pay my property taxes. Nice try Strib. Maybe some of the other "chasers" in this area will bite on your unbaited hook. This fish deals with better (and bigger) anglers than your cheap ass.

/rant off

Anyhow, here are the photos I was talking about. Be sure to click on the image to enlarge.

This is the image right off the raw file. The nearer area of rotation is really obvious. Look closely at the middle of the image on the horizon. Damn wide angle lens.

This is a crop of the image above showing what appears to be a large cone tornado from the old occluded circulation which spawned the earlier tornado just outside of Frazee, MN.

Same image as above but with the suspect area circled just in case you missed it so far.

Highly contrast enhanced clearly showing what appears to be the Wolf Lake tornado. I'll send these off to Greg Gust at the FGF WFO to take a look at.

I was hoping one of the other chasers who were running stealth on these same storms could offer some insight, but I never received a reply to the message I sent . Oh well.

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Midwestchaser said...

yea, it'll be a lot easier than updating my website everyday. on a different note just wondering when you're chase DVD is coming out? i always enjoy the video AND the commentary...

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