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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A special treat on the commute today

Had the lucky rabbit's foot with today as I was driving into work and got to see a pair of golden eagles sitting in a tree a couple of miles east of my place. At first I thought they were bald eagles then as I got closer I figured they were two juvenile baldies. Nope, from about 100 feet as I passed it was plain as day they were goldens. The female was HUGE. Sitting in a small leafless tree she looked to be about 4 feet fall (exaggerated obviously but you get the point). Regardless, it was really cool to see and I wish I would have had one of the cams with....yes, I am getting lazy as a stringer and need to get re-focused again.

Nothing interesting on the wx front right now. Low clouds, fog, and a mix of rain and snow. The GFS is hinting at a couple of clipper systems over the next week so will need to keep an eye on those as I still want to head up to Lake Superior on the south shore for a wind / lake effect snow event. The International Wolf Center trip to Ely is still on the schedule too before Christmas.

Speaking of Duluth and the northland, got a nice email from Chris Snider, who is now working at the Fox affiliate up there as a met, so will need to make the time to pop in and say hello as we pass through on one of the trips.

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