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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 video and possible weekend trip

Our 2008 chase video is pretty much done. One little snafu which will take me about 10 minutes to fix. The artwork is also done for the cover and the disk. Only a few crappy tornadoes either partially wrapped in rain or in the trees but a lot of cool storms. It keeps a pretty fast pace as my own ADD prevents me from getting too wrapped up on one chapter while editing. Total run time is just under an hour.

Same rule as the past years...we do not sell our videos. Trades only. If you have a video from another chaser you are tired of and want to trade for ours, please contact me and if I don't have it yet, I might trade still.

This is the same preview as I listed a while ago.

This year's video is a little different as we included some of the other video I shot while stringing. Wildlife, the front lines at the Republican National Convention protests and ensuing riot on the closing night, to a somber scene at a fatal motorcycle crash (done tastefully as to protect the identity of the victim and respect the family).

In other news around here, considering taking the Ely trip this weekend to the wolf center. It's getting cold enough and snowy enough to keep the wusses out of the woods for the winter. The only thing I'm concerned with is the lighting conditions as it looks to me mostly cloudy with intermittent snow. Not good for a photo op.

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Midwestchaser said...

Im working on a video that i hope will be worth trading. Even if i actually get it done it wont be nearly the quality of your videos but it will atleast be something in return and hopefully wont be too painful to watch.

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