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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scrap the camping with the wolves trip this weekend

Yep, I don't feel like getting stuck in the woods for a few days under 16"+ of new snow that far from home (Ely, MN). So, I think I'll opt for -25F when a friendly Canadian high pressure ridge sets up over the north. Camping in the winter is not bad as long as you stay dry and the wind isn't screaming. Besides, the wolves will still be there on a nicer weekend.

In the mean time, I'll finish up MPX's list of video clips they would like to see for their new SKYWARN training video. As most of you know, I tend to be a little critical of SKYWARN so the least I can do is contribute to the training material in hopes some of them will get better. Up to 20 clips so far with about another half dozen to go.

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Adam Lucio said...

Doncha hate when the weather gets in the way of plans. Unless of course its a tornado outbreak. Hope your enjoying the 'zard anyways. I expect to see some pics. Nothing but mild air and rain here from this system.

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