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Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a difference 24 hours can make

Was on my way home yesterday when David Drufke called me with the "what are ya doin'?" line. Yep, knew we would be heading to the Minnesota River to check for eagles. Besides, I still had the tapes from his wedding and this way we could justify meeting up on a Saturday afternoon while Melinda and Kristen were busy doing other things. One of the great things about Dave...he knows how to make work sound fun. Color corrections? What color corrections???

Anyhow, here are some shots from Saturday while the temps were still around +40°...ahh, the warm side of a powerful winter storm approaching.

Still waiting for the blizzard video I shot from Fergus Falls, MN to finish rendering. Damn hosting sites. Anyhow, what started out as a mixture of slush and rain turned to heavy snow and winds gusting over 50 mph as I hit the end the the road in Ottertail county as MnDOT closed I94 at Fergus. Small world as I ran into Doug Kiesling on the way up there who was also out stringing video of the storm for his clients. Was kinda nice to know someone else was around as the roads SUCKED. Stopped at a rest area just east of Fergus Falls . It turns out the caretaker at the rest area, Mr. Hoff, knew my dad . Evidently Dad delivered two of his kids. That was cool. I'll post the video here tomorrow or later tonight depending on how long it takes.

Here is some raw video:

December 14 2008 Fergus Falls MN blizzard from Bill Doms on Vimeo.


Christine said...

WOW! Look at it blow straight sideways. Holy cow!

Ya know, I was going to tell you that someone was using this video, because I knew I had seen just within the past couple of days.

And then I looked back on ST and found your thread where you have it on Vimeo. *laughs* Guess I need to start paying attention to names on videos I watch. :D

Great capture, makes me freeze just watching it.

mnwxchaser said...

I actually prefer Vimeo as the compression isn't quite as bad as You Tube.

Cold??? Naaaaaw. It's not even close to February yet!

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