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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Carlsons' and Andrew Pritchard's 2008 chase videos

Spent the evening watching some chaser vids after dinner while waiting for all of the kids to get home.

First up...Verne, Michael, and Eric Carlson's 2008 video. This video is VERY unique as it has the feel of watching a tv show/documentary more so than a chaser vid. Everything from their use of video from the Wicked Witch (a specialized rc airplane with a video camera attached) to the use of multiple cameras, to Eric's narration. You know they are going to have good stuff but to present it in this format really caught me off guard in a postive way. VERY well done guys and great job on the editing/production tasks Eric.

Andrew Pritchard's PWX2008...I was fortunate enough to have had access to Andrew's June 7th footage while working on the Storms of 2008 production. I knew he had some other good stuff from this year and from 2007 so I was really looking forward to seeing Andrew's production skills at work. This is a highly polished, to the point chase video. Not much filler on this one as he doesn't time before the next sginificant event occurs on a day or he moves on to the next chase.

Before, Melinda and I took a break from Christmas duties to take a quick drive around home to enjoy the sunset.

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Verne Carlson said...

Hi Bill, thanks fo rthe great writeup. We have your DVD and once those pesky tornadoes in eastern OK die down we're going to pop some popcorn and enjoy yours!

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